Veronica Ciandre  is a Certified Emotional Clearing Counsellor, who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of maximizing human potential.  She's passionate about creating tools that help people focus on the possibilities in-spite of the problems.

Veronica is an award-winning hairstylist for Film and Television, and has spent 26 years in the industry where according to Vanessa A William's, she's put in her 10,000 hours of one on one counselling.

In 2007 Veronica added Writer, Director, & Producer to her list of achievements with the making of ReDEFINING the DREAM”, a 5 ½ minute video inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs "I Have A Dream" speech. 

As the founder  and facilitator of  "Let Your Thoughts Be The Change", and Shift & Release, Veronica delivers workshops to elementary school students, teachers, women and other groups, sharing tools that help individuals turn problems into possibilities by changing their own minds. 

She is the author and artist for "My Peace Deck", a deck of 40 cards with 40 affirmations for navigating relationships from the inside out.

Most recently Veronica created "iSOLA Jewellery", a line of jewellery that grounds, heals, cleanses and raises your frequency.

Veronica is a mother of one teenage daughter, and is in the process of giving birth to her gifts as an artist, photographer, author and speaker.

She believes that the shortest distance between us and the peace we seek, is practice. 




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