Books That Made a Difference               

For further guidance, I took in a steady stream of uplifting information. Reading or listening to something through the lens of a current challenge,  opened my heart and mind, deepened my experience, and added much needed clarity. 

Sometimes all it takes to achieve realignment, or a shift that changes your perspective, is the right words.   

If you listen closely, your soul will guide you towards the ideal tools and information to support you in maintaining some degree  of presence and peace. 

This is a list of some books I found myself returning to for comfort, wisdom, and guidance.  Eventually I hope you will add to this list.

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"There's power in the word"

My personal favorites


"My beliefs about relationships are the best forecast of what will show up.

It is always up to me what I choose to believe.

I believe anything is possible."

My Peace Deck


copyright 2012 Veronica Ciandre