My Peace Deck is a set of 40 cards with 40 affirmations to help you navigate your relationships from the inside out. 

The cards will help you stay present and focused on your own growth, while releasing the pain of a challenging or ending relationship. Using them will mean the difference between suffering, and thriving.


My PeaceDeck


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The Messenger 

We are divinely beautiful beings, capable of unconditional love, kindness, respect, and appreciation in all of our relationships.  But we have forgotten that the pain we often feel when a relationship is challenging, is a messenger, and once we get the message, the messenger goes away.


If you or someone you know is ready to take responsibility for the relationships you attract, allow them to be tools for growth, and listen to the messages your soul sends you with every challenge you experience, My Peace Deck will help.  

"Relationships are the clearest mirrors you have for understanding your relationship with yourself. 

Your relationship with yourself, determines the relationship you will have with the rest of your life. 

With My PeaceDeck, that relationship is about to get better."


V. C.

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