About My Peace Deck                                                                   

My Peace Deck is a set of 40 cards with 40 affirmations to help you navigate your relationships from the inside out.

My Peace Deck is a tool to help you stay present and focused on your own growth, while releasing the pain of a challenging or ending relationship. Using them can mean the difference between suffering, and healing or thriving.

Pull a card when you need it most, and be gently reminded that no matter what is up with your relationship, it's always about you.

* Are you tired of painful conflicts?

* Is your relationship challenged, in transition, or ending?

* Are you ready to take responsibility for the relationships you attract, allow them to be tools for growth, and listen to the messages your soul sends you through every challenge you experience?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then My Peace Deck can help.

How to use

It's simple...  

1. Think about your challenging relationship.   

2. Ask yourself the question... What do I need to learn?

3. Take a deep breath & pick a card. 

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When experiencing the very real and very imagined triggers that can send you spiraling into negative thoughts, feelings and sometimes actions, it’s not as easy to tap into the necessary tools.  The more time spent in the spiral, the more time and effort spent recovering.

My Peace Deck  was created to address those moments, and to help you stay focused on the truth behind all relationships.  Pull a card, change your thoughts, and change how you feel.

Whether just beginning, flourishing, challenged and in transition, or ending, all relationships are mirrors that help you see yourself more clearly, they always have something to teach you. 

My Peace Deck  can mean the difference between conflict and resolution, by reminding you to take responsibility for what you are feeling, and to look inward.

The need to take responsibility exists in every kind of relationship, including intimate, family, friendship and co-workers.

My Peace Deck  will help you stay present even when it hurts.  It really does start with the man / woman in the mirror.

You attract what you focus on, what you resist, what you fear, and what you judge.  You have the power to change your focus, accept, trust, and forgive.

My Peace Deck  will gently remind you that it's all about you.  Sometimes remembering is enough to help you change your focus, and bring you back again and again to the path of acceptance, forgiveness and trust.

With Practice, you will transcend the suffering, while allowing the pain to open your heart and facilitate your own healing.

My Peace Deck  will turn a journey downward into a journey inward, and you wouldn't want to miss that, your soul depends on it! The world depends on it!


Text and original artwork on cards by Veronica Ciandre





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